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    Problem with a multihome JBoss server

    Simo Simo Newbie


      I have JBoss 3.0.3 running on a Win2K server which has two network cards. The primary card has IP address and the secondary There is no route between subnets 111 and 222, with this I mean
      that a client 'A' with IP is not able to ping client 'B' with IP Both clients are
      able to ping the JBoss server using its host name and I can open the jmx-console web site from both clients.

      However, I cannot connect to the JBoss naming service from client 'B', which resides in the 222 subnet.

      From my client program running in 'B', I printed out the toString() method of the downloaded NamingServer stub and it looks like this:

      org.jnp.server.NamingServer_Stub[RemoteStub [ref: [endpoint:[](remote),objID:[edf3f6:f17ebb2f5a:-8000, 0]]]]

      The stub seems to have the ip address of the primary NIC of the server as its endpoint. Is this something I could control from the JBoss configuration files? I would need the endpoint to be the server's host name instead of its primary NIC IP address, which the clients from subnet 222 cannot see.