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    use mysql in jboss 3.0.2


      My server is jboss3.0.2,
      I have copied mysql-sevice.xml to jboss3.0.2/server/default/deploy directory,and mysql worked in jboss 3.0.2,but I found that I only configured one database connection according to mysql-service.xml file,if I want to configure multi- database connection ,how do I do now?
      thank you advance!

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          Make another service file with an other database name.



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            thanks,and I have two database in mysql server,I want to configure two connection in mysql-service.xml file,can you tell me what do I do next?

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              you have a mysql service1 and mysqlservice2 (for instance)

              in the first there is something like


              <config-property name="ConnectionURL" type="java.lang.String">jdbc connection URL </config-property>
              <config-property name="DriverClass" type="java.lang.String">jdbcdriver</config-property>
              <!--set these only if you want only default logins, not through JAAS -->
              <config-property name="UserName" type="java.lang.String">user</config-property>
              <config-property name="Password" type="java.lang.String">password</config-property>

              and in the second you change dbase1 with dbase2
              and the connection URL to the one for the second db

              In your code you have to use dbase1 or dbase2 for getting the connection.

              Check the manual for more info.