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    JBoss 3.2 as NT service


      Has anybody succeeded at configuering and running JBoss 3.2 as NT service? Apparently, no
      libraries are available to JBoss when it's run as a service.

      Any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

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          Not running as an NT service, but we do have it running as a Win2K service.

          We've ran JBoss 3.0.6 under Sun JDK 1.4.1, 1.4.1_01, or 1.4.1_02 with the JavaService service runner, and with JRockit 8.0 and 8.1 with the ServiceWrapper 3.0.0 service runner.

          The servers are running in 24/7 with no problems attributable to running as a service.


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            Have run both on NT and 2000 with javants in contrib. Are you referring to Windows librairies being unavailable?

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              No, JBoss libraries - in <JBoss_home>/lib.

              I am specifically interested in JBoss 3.2 as I can run 3.0.x as service without any problem.

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                Using JavaService to run JBoss 3.2 as a Windows 2000 service I had to add some *.jar from the JBoss_home\lib. as follow:

                Example: JavaService -install %1 %Java_Home%\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll -Djava.class.path=%Java_Home%\lib\tools.jar;%JBoss_Home%\bin\run.jar;%JBoss_Home%\bin\shutdown.jar;%JBoss_Home%\lib\concurrent.jar;%JBoss_Home%\lib\jboss-jmx.jar;%JBoss_Home%\lib\jboss-boot.jar;%JBoss_Home%\lib\jboss-system.jar -start org.jboss.Main -params -c %2 -stop org.jboss.Shutdown -out %JBoss_Home%\server\%2\log\stdout.log -err %JBoss_Home%\server\%2\log\stderr.log -current %JBoss_Home%\bin

                This do not look too elegant but I am not a JBoss or Java expert.

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                  We have been running JBoss 3.0.4 in conjunction with JavaService for quite a while without problems. A few days ago we updated to JBoss3.2.3 having a lot of different problems.

                  Today we switched to a project hosted on sourceforge:
                  and everything works fine again...