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    Web Server/App Server in different VM's

      How do I accomplish having the web server and the app server components effectivly sperated into mulitple VM's?

      I'm using JBoss 3.2/JDK1.4.1

      So far, what I've done is to create two configurations, and start them up with -c web and -c ejb.

      I removed some deployments from each, and modified the jboss-service.xml file.

      Both instances seem to start up ok, with the exception of the ejb instance failing to deploy the jmx-console (makes sense, though, since the http service isn't installed). However, when i go to execute my app, my servlet dies when trying to get the JNDI handle of one of my ejbs. So, it appears that the two instances are using different JNDI trees.

      Am I on the right track to make this work? My eventual goal is to prove that the web server and the app server can reside on different machines, and can possibly span a firewall barrior, with only the RMI/JNDI ports open.

      Thanks for any insight you may have, or even references to the sections/pages in the manual that may help me out on this.


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          you probably don't want to separate the servlet container from the ejb container, rather just have something like apache as your front end redirecting servlet HTTP requests to your web container, and have the web container and ejb container work within the same process. Would seem easier to me.