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    JBOSS shuts down after 2 hours


      I start JBOSS on a Linux box (from the command line, using Putty) and it automatically shuts down after just over 2 hours. I can see nothing obvious to make it do this, the Linux box carries on just fine. Here is a snippet from the log:

      22:15:54,032 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [3.2.0 (build: CVSTag=JBoss_\
      3_2_0 date=200304110033)] Started in 1m:50s:327ms
      00:27:08,552 INFO [Server] Undeploying all packages

      Many thanks for any input.

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          Your ssh session from putty probably timed out and closed, thus closing the jboss session as well. You can maybe avoid this by doing a run.sh & but best practice would be to make a startup script for init.d or such.

          Best of luck


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            Hi datapulse,

            I use "screen" to start JBoss from my init scripts. It will detach
            after startup and you can re-attach to the screen session with

            screen -r

            If you don't know about "screen", install your distros package
            and type "man screen".

            I included my script; you'll have to change the server name
            "tony" to your server (maybe "default" ?). Also note that I
            use "su - jboss" to start jboss with its own user id.

            Hope you like it, it's a neat trick,