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    Deploying container-configurations at runtime

    pjrmoreira Newbie


      Let's suppose I want to define a new JMSProvider. I go to jms-ds.xml, and I add a new JMSProvider. Then I go to standardjboss.xml, and I add a new invoker-proxy-binding and a new container-configuration.I can now start JBoss, and I'll have the new JMSProvider working correctly.
      Now let's suppose I want to do all these actions when JBoss is already running. I know I can copy to the deploy directory an xml file with the definition for the JMSProvider. The JMSProvider will be created without problems. But, I'm not being able to create a invoker-proxy-binding and a container-configuration at runtime. I tried to create a new file with these definitions, and copied it to the deploy directory, but I'm getting an exception. Anyone can tell me if this is possible, and how can I do it?

      Many thanks