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    Need CDK development advices



      I would like to build a richfaces component for my project. Instead of working directly in the richfaces/ui/ folder, I would like to create a maven project from scratch that would hold my richfaces ui component.

      I though about copying the ui folder, clean it, fix the mixing dependencies, add the jboss repositories and remove the modules from the pom.xml file but I am not sure if that would be a clean way to do so.

      I also tried to start from scratch: create maven project and add the same dependencies as in the ui/pom.xml + the one missing, add the jboss repositories in the maven project file... etc. It worked but I am afraid to forget something and get away from the richface dev standards and end up having to manage all the dependencies when trying to upgrade my richfaces version.

      My goal is to have a folder that contains only my ui component so I can commit this folder in svn without depending on a complete richfaces svn checkout.

      Do anyone have any advice related to developing richfaces components using the CDK in a standalone environment (outside the richface/ui folder)? Do anyone tried to do it?