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    Build 3.2.x from CVS source

    Milen Dyankov Newbie

      How can I download and build latest 3.2.X version from CVS?
      I downloaded all from "Branch_3_2" but could not find ant script to compile it.

      Then I downloaded "JBoss-3.2" but when I run the build script, it could not find thirdparty jars.
      For example it looks for ".../thirdparty/xdoclet-xdoclet/lib" while it should be ".../thirdparty/xdoclet/xdoclet/lib".

      I then decided to have a look at "tools/etc/buildmagic/biuldmagic.ent" and was surprised to see the following inside:

      < property name="version.major" value="4"/>
       < property name="version.minor" value="0"/>
       < property name="version.revision" value="0"/>
       < property name="version.tag" value="DR3"/>
       < property name="version.name" value="Zion"/>

      Can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to download and run in order go build the latest 3.2.x JBoss?