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    Navigation rule not updating URL properly?

    Brian Parkinson Newbie

      Hello - I'm sure to be missing something, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

      I have two pages - login.jsp and protected/main.jsp. In the login page, a simple authentication bean checks the user name, and if good (equal to 'XXX" for now) it returns 'success' and the rule states to navigate to the main.jsp page, otherwise stay at login.

      It's all working - if I enter 'BAD' I stay on the login page, and if I enter 'XXX' the web browser displays the main.jsp page, but the URL in the web browser still says '/login.jsp' and *not* '/protected/main.jsp'.

      The navigation is definitely working - I'm looking at the main.jsp page, but the URL says it's the login.jsp page.

      I'll bet I'm missing something dumb - any ideas?

      Many thanks.