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    Jboss & Eclipse IDE

    raagav Newbie

      I am setting up a devlopment environment for EJB development with JBOSS as the server and eclipse as the IDE.

      I first downloaded the eclipse2.1.3 binary from the eclipse site and installed in my windows machine. Then I downloaded the Jboss IDE1.2.330 binary from jboss site and unzipped the content onto the directory where eclipse is installed. The required files were moved on to the plugin directory of the eclipse.

      When I check the eclipse update manager screen, I am able to see the Jboss component listed there. But it is in the disabled state. When I try to enable I get the following error.

      Requested operation cannot be performed because it would invalidate the current configuration. See details for more information.
      JBoss-IDE (1.2.330): Feature requires plug-in "org.eclipse.ui.console".
      JBoss-IDE (1.2.330): Feature requires plug-in "org.eclipse.ant.ui".

      I cant install Jboss IDE by directly specifying the URL in the eclipse update manager due to some technical issues in connecting to the internet.

      Can any one throw some light on this.


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          dannyyates Newbie

          Yes. Read the release notes and better understand what version of JBoss IDE you have downloaded.

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            Michael D Newbie

            Follow the instructions below to install the JBoss-IDE

            Follow these steps :
            • Start Eclipse.
            • Select the Install/Update Perspective via Help > Software Updates > Update Manager or Window >
            Open Perspective > Install/Update.
            • Select New > Site Bookmark from the context menu of the Feature Update view. In the dialog fill the
            name with an unused one and the URL with http://jboss.sourceforge.net/jbosside/updates.
            • When you open the newly created node there is a child node called JBoss-IDE 1.0/Eclipse 2.1. By
            opening this child node you get nodes for all versions of JBoss-IDE belonging to this category. Select the
            version you want to install and some information about this version is shown in the Preview view. If this
            version or a higher one is not already installed the Preview view offers you an Install button which you
            have to click if you want to install this version.
            • At the end of the installation, you will be prompted to restart Eclipse.

            This IDE is a fantastic tool that will help you debug EJBs that are deployed on the application server.

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              dannyyates Newbie

              raagav already said he can't use the update manager (although it's unclear why that won't work, but he can download the code directly)

              Note, that you don't need JBoss IDE to debug your EJB's - you can just start JBoss in debug mode (see run.bat) and connect the Eclipse debugger to it.

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                Dietmar Scheidl Newbie

                IMHO you have confused the versions of Eclipse and JBoss IDE. If you have Eclipse 2.1.3 you need to download JBossIDE 1.2.3.

                The one you downloaded (1.2.330) is targeted for Eclipse 3.0 ... so it will not work with Eclipse 2.1.3

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                  raagav Newbie

                  Thanks Didi1976, the solution worked. I mistook Ver1.2.330 to be a higher release of 1.2.3. ( Too greedy eh ).

                  Well I am a student, and we donot have the luxury of an internet connection for individual PC - proxy access is not allowed. Hope that answers the question of why I am not able to use the update manager.