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    RichFaces CDK question

    Eleas Newbie

      Good day,

      I'm using RF CDK for my own component creation. CDK has very usefull possibility to automatically create renderer from jspx template. Please tell me, how I can insert in rendering process rendering of another component?

      In more detailes:
      I'm planning to create component for voting: in center number with number of votes and on the left and on the right ajax-enabled links "+" and "-". I wander to make this as single component, for instance:

      <i:vote object="#{object}"/> //number of votes obtained from 'object' and displayed

      Can I add child links "+" and "-" as a4j:commandLink in jspx template for my own component? How I can do this?

      And more general question:
      Is't possible to find somewhere documentation for all possible tags in jspx template? Now, I'm using 'grep' in sources:)

      P.S. Please, move this question to approapriate forum if this one not for such questions:)