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    Configuring different classpaths for different applications

    lucaregini Newbie

      I am quite a beginner in JBOSS. As far as I know ( and i don't know much) classpath in JBOSS is configured at the server level by editing the launching script.

      I am porting an application from Websphere to JBOSS. In websphere one can isolate classpath definitions at the application level.
      I need to reproduce the same behaviour in JBOSS, that is i have to define more instances of the classpath variable and each one should be visible and binded only to a given application.
      Why do i have this strange need??

      Because the framework is composed by different instances of a a same configurable component that need to reside on the same application server. Each instance loads its configuration parameters from a properties file, so i need different classpaths to isolate the different configurations.

      Packaging the configuration file in the application ear and setting a Manifest dependency is not desiderable because configurations are often updated by administrators.

      Modifing the code of the application is really the last option in this case, since the application is not home-made.

      Thanks in advance for your attention.