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    [suggestionBox] problems with JDeveloper 10.1.3


      I am trying to use richfaces components in my jsf application. In case of suggestionBox, when i run my application through oracle jdeveloper 10.1.3, the suggestion box div after typing characters on the <h:inputText> component is not rendered at all. But when i deploy my application in the Apache Tomcat 6.0.14 the component works just fine.
      The produced page source on both cases is the same.

      The libs i am using are:
      1. JSF 1.1_02
      2. RichFaces 3.1.4 GA
      3. JSTL 1.1

      Any thoughts on what may prevent oracle oc4j embedded server of jdeveloper 10.1.3 from rendering the suggestion box div?

      Thanks in advance.