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    Developing custom components using CDK

    Piotr Buda Newbie


      I wanted to ask several questions about ways of extending existing RichFaces components.

      I wanted to extend scrollableDataTable [sdt] and ran across some difficulties. I would like to create a NEW component with all the base functionalities of sdt, but I also want to have original sdt available in the package. Firstly I've tried to use mvn:create with -DbaseClass pointing to sdt's UI. Later on I've built the project, but the renderers were empty, there was no javascript present and so on, the component could be loaded on a page but it was totally empty... I've also tried to create a new task using create.bat file and then just copied contents of the sdt. The project builds, but now I have two components with the same classes names, scripts names and I don't think it's a good idea ... I was wondering if theres an estabilished way to create new components that extend functionalities of other components (importing/extending renderer's templates) or rather existing components are being extended.

      As for the second question:
      Is there a way to disable sdt script minifying? In the release package minified scripts give great advantaqges, but I wanted to have the possibility to debug them during development.

      Thank You in advance.