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    Problems with the simpleTogglePanel

    Tobias Schmitt Newbie

      I'm updating our application to richfaces 3.2.0.sr1 and has a small problem with the simpleTogglePanel. The "opened" attribute of some of our panels are set with a session bean.

      <rich:simpleTogglePanel label="description" width="800" opened="#{bean.booleanFunction}">

      The bean looks like this:

      public boolean isBooleanFunction() {
       return booleanValue;

      This code works very well with richfaces 3.1.4 and 3.1.5, but with the new versions (3.2.0.ga, 3.2.0.sr1, snapshot 3.2.1) the bean function "isBooleanFunction" is not called anymore, and so the simpleTogglePanel is always opened by default.

      If I set the value of "opened" manually to "true" or "false" it works. Is it a bug or have u guys changed something in the simpleTogglePanel ?