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    Files missing in 4.0.3SP1 installer, etc.

    Tatjana Kostic Newbie


      I've used WebStart installer for 4.0.3SP1 and installed two configurations: all and ejb3.

      Missing files
      Comparing to the version 4.0.3RC2, with which I did some tests before, it seems to me that some stuff is missing from both configurations.

      >>> 'all'
      - $JB/server/all/deploy/farm-service.xml (can be downloaded from http://anoncvs.forge.jboss.com/viewrep/~raw,r=1.20/JBoss/jbossmx/src/etc/farm-service.xml)

      >>> 'ejb3'
      - $JB/server/ejb3/deploy/management (web-console!)
      - $JB/server/ejb3/deploy/http-invoker.sar
      - $JB/server/ejb3/deploy/jboss-ws4ee.sar (web services)

      >>> both 'all' and 'ejb3'
      - $JB/lib/jboss-xb.jar (and its copy in server/[config]/lib)

      Could somebody confirm that this is a bug in packaging, or point me out for replacement/workaround?

      Note that I've copied, e.g., management from 'all' to 'ejb3', but then I have to do security settings by hand (since the directory does not exist during the install).

      Security settings
      In provided web.xml files for JMX console and WEB console, when setting security during the installing (for 'all' configuration), there will be <security-constraint> elements uncommented and a <login-config> element correctly added.
      For JMX console:
      For WEB console:
      <realm-name>JBoss WEB Console</realm-name>
      However, if not doing any security configuration during the install, both web.xml files contain <security-constraint> under comments, so it's easy to uncomment, but the <login-config> elements are not even in the comments. It would be handy to add these in web.xml files for the two console apps, just after the commented <security-constraint> elements. We spent quite some time to figure out what to add by hand ...

      Here two more things we had to do by hand:
      (1) In the file $JB/server/[config]/conf/login-config.xml, the <application-policy> has name attribute for Web console so:
      name = "$webConsoleDomain"
      and this does not work. It was necessary to change the value to "web-console". This looks to me as a bug in ant build file.
      (2) In this same element, the property files are given which do not exist, and in the "wrong" directory (as compared to the configuration for JMX console). The elements should read:
      <module-option name="usersProperties">props/web-console-users.properties</module-option>
      <module-option name="rolesProperties">props/web-console-roles.properties</module-option>
      and appropriate default files should exist along with their jmx-console counterparts. Or, should we use just one pair of files for both console applications?

      Thanx in advance,