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    Migrating a webapp on Tomcat to JBoss

    Bruce Wexler Newbie


      I have an application that is running as separate JSPs and servlets in
      the webapps directory in standalone Tomcat 4.1. I need to migrate this to run on an existing installation of JBoss 4.0.2. Can I simply copy the webapp files from "C:\tomcat\webapps" directory to the
      "C:\jboss\server\default\deploy" directory to a new "webapps.war" folder?

      I don't want to deploy to an .ear file. I need to keep the
      directories exploded like we currently do on Tomcat running under

      Any help, suggestion or point in the right direction would be greatly
      appreciated. I looked for migration documentation on the Tomcat and
      JBoss sites but couldn't really find anything to help guide me through