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    JBoss development on Intel based macs...

    Tim Bauer Novice

      I have been developing and running my business application on Mac OS X for year (G4 and G5), but now my CEO wants to purchase one of the new MacBook Pro's and wants to run it on that. I usually just copy my compile EAR files over to his maching and he runs in on localhost.

      My question is, is there a different version of JBoss (I am using 3.2.5) for the Intel based Mac, and would my code, compiled on G4 laptop, work if I just copied it over?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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          Peter Johnson Master

          As long as the laptop came with a compliant(*) version of the Java JDK, and your application doesn't make use of the Java Native Interface (JNI), it should run fine.

          (*) I say 'compliant' because I know that JBoss will not run with the JVM that comes with Fedora Core 4 (it is missing several class packages), you have to get a JDK from Sun to run JBoss on Fedora Core 4.