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    Loading mod_jk.so

    Ganesh Sundaresan Newbie

      I am trying to Integrate Apache with JBoss. I get this error when starting Apache.

      Syntax error on line 2 of httpd-2.2.2/conf/tomcat/mod_jk.conf:
      Cannot load mod_jk.so into server:
      ld.so.1: /httpd-2.2.2/bin/httpd:fatal:relocation error: file mod_jk.so:symbol ap_null_cleanup: referenced symbol not found

      I have included the line
      "Include conf/mod_jk.conf"
      in httpd.conf file under /conf

      and placed the mod_jk.so under /modules.
      mod_jk version is 1.2.15

      Any help me on this is appreciated.

      Thanks in Advance.