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    LimpidLog: you do not need to hard-code log statements

    Wei Jiang Newbie

      LimpidLog 1.00 released

      This is a milestone release, adding line number event: it records all exceution related
      to the line number of the source code. The log records are ready for GUI "debugger".

      LimpidLog allows all information about the execution of a class to be logged at runtime when the class is registered. When you register a class for logging at runtime, LimpidLog uses bytecode sidenoting to add logging information to the class.

      LimpidLog is for J2EE, Java EE and standalone Java application logging and supports J2EE, Java EE and standalone Java applications. LimpidLog also supports Netbeans with GUI management as a Netbeans plug-in.

      LimpidLog is an open source project with LGPL license at http://www.acelet.com/limpidlog/. The project is hosted at sourceforge.net.