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    Seam Conversation lost when a validation fails


      Hi all,

      We're using PortletBridge 1.0 beta 6 on JBossPortal 2.7.0, our application is a Seam wizard application (Seam v2.1.1 GA).
      For the wizard, we are using a long running conversation to keep the information entered in the wizard steps.

      When a validation error occurs, for example, in the second step of the wizard, the information entered in the previous step is lost. We've found that this information is lost because the conversation is lost (a new conversation id is generated).

      It seems to be a problem very similar to http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBSEAM-344, that was resolved on 2006.

      Maybe this problem should be posted to the Seam forum, but the problem occurs only when we are using the PortletBridge, so we are posting it here first.

      Any ideas? We have a sample application that can be attached to a JIRA issue if needed.

      Thanks in advance.

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          We've found a solution to the problem.
          The problem seems to occurs only when using RichFaces, we fixed it modifying the class AjaxPortletBridge, in the method

          public void doFacesRequest(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response)

          The windowState.restoreRequest execution must be run before the call to setupAjaxParams:

           windowState.restoreRequest(facesContext, true);
           // If we're using RichFaces, setup proper parameters for this render
           // request
           if (RICHFACES_ENABLED) {
           setupAjaxParams(facesContext, stateId.toString(), namespace);