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    Two War files

    Kapil Sharma Newbie

      I have a struts application

      Before I put all the contents into the ROOT.war.

      Now I want to make separate applications i.e. first.war and second.war and would like to put it into the deploy folder of jboss.

      But my problem is ---

      I was using the action path in the jsp's as following

      <form action="/LoginAction.do"

      and struts-config mapping as

      and it is not working now.
      If i change it to <form action="/first/LoginAction.do"
      in first appliation and <form action="/second/LoginAction.do" in the second application. , it is working perfectly fine.


      I would like to know whether we can specify any mapping either in web.xml, struts-config.xml or jboss(to make two root folders) so that i need not to change my application' actions throughout. Plz help me . I m stuck.

      Otherwise i have to change all the paths in two application. Hoping there could be a better solution