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    This is a bug I think...

    thomas buffagni Newbie

      Hi, I've resolved the error! It's a bug of jboss aop deployer I think, and it isn't connect with the number of class in a jar:

      1 - is invoked the method ScopedJBossPool for get a class in cache (ScopedJBossPool extends ClassPool (javassist project)
      - ScopedJBossPool.getCached invoke ClassPool.get (not super.get but on ClassPool istance)
      - ClassPool.get invoke ClassPool.get0 this method invoker getCached without casting: the method is invoked on current istance of ScopedJBossPool and we go to 1 ! It's a recursive and infinitive loop!

      tomorrow I will send you my solution. I would like to do some more tests

      Thomas Buffagni