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    EAR hotdeployed calling external JAR

    Manny Nainu Newbie

      We have an EAR file that invokes an external JAR class. We are trying to hotdeploy the JAR class but to no avail. If the EAR is redeployed, the classloader loads the latest instance of the JAR class. Is there a way to hotdeploy the JAR class without having to redeploy the EAR file? I assume the classloader that loads the the JAR class is the one used by the EAR to load EJBs, WARs and JARs.
      I'm looking for a way to have a custom class loader that lets me reload the latest JAR class file. I've tried to implement the JBoss classloader to load the class from the currenthread.context() but I get CLASSNOTFOUND exceptions. I'm not even sure where to put the code for creating/getting the classloader. Should that be in the JAR class or in the invoking EAR file class that invokes the JAR class?

      Any help here is appreciated.