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    Inner bean should have scope=

    Manoj Nair Newbie

      This project has been working and even today is working in production. But in our QA system it started giving us this error.

      My parent bean has singleton="false" and one of its properties is another inner bean which has singleton="true". During runtime in QA its giving us the error in subject line. It might work if i change singleton="False" on the inner bean. But then how is it working in production even today?

      "smsCommand" bean has singleton="false". Inner bean "transactionIdFactory" has singleton="false".

      This is my code in descriptor xml file..

      <bean id="transactionId" factory-bean="transactionIdFactory" factory-method="getNextId" />

      ${transaction.id.sequen ce.name}



      Error i get is
      Cannot create inner bean 'transactionId' while setting bean property 'transactionNumber'; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionSt oreException: Inner bean definition 'transactionId' for bean property 'transactionNumber' has scope 'singleton' but containing bean definition 'initializeIcc' does not. Mark the inner bean definition with scope 'prototype' instead.