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    Size of HTML produced

    Ingo Jobling Master


      First, please allow me to thank you for the great work you have been doing with Richfaces. I have been using RF in a project for nearly a year.

      As our project advances, we are running into problems with the size of pages containing certain RF components.

      For example, a recently developed page, which contains a rich:table with 50 rows and and 20 columns, generates over 600K of markup.

      The following three items alone account for 50% of the page size:

      60K for the RichDataTable (compared to h:datatable)
      60K is the rich:menu (about 40 items in all)
      200K for one column, which contains a rich:comboBox (with only 5 values)

      The original page was even bigger, because it also used rich:tooltip. I had to replace the rich:tooltip with a jQuery based component.

      Do you think that reducing the size of generated markup could be a priority for the next major release of Richfaces?

      Thanks for any guidance you may be able to provide.