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    Proposal for rich:verbatim tag


      Dev community:

      I'd like to propose a new RF tag, rich:verbatim. The idea for this tag came from some conversations in the Seam group where I needed essentially a servlet-like ability to bypass JSF, which was too slow for a particular need I had (rendering very large tables of 1000s of rows). The problem I had was that servlets don't have practical access to Seam's contexts (where the data is located).

      I could use (and I tried) JSF's f:verbatim tag, which appeared to work on first blush. But it turns out this tag (at least in my JSF library's implementation) seems to cache output so that if I wrap an f:verbatim with an a4j:outputPanel and rerender it, it would rerender from the cache--not a good thing if the backing bean holding the table data changed!

      So to fix this problem I created a trival RF tag, rich:verbatim, which simply takes the content of the value attribute and dumps it into the dom.

      I implemented the code in the 3.3.1.GA source and it works like a charm--rerendering and all. I can now render tables >1000 rows in sub-second time...perfect for my application. (Of course the rows rendered are "raw", i.e. no RF elements, but that is the constraint of this feature.)

      I'm very happy with it, and I hope you will consider it a worthwhile addition to the RF library going forward.

      The JIRA w/code is here: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-7464