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    Automatic installation on multiple systems

    Joerg Schmidt Newbie

      Hi and greetings,

      not quite sure whether this is the correct place to ask, but...

      My company is using JBoss on multiple physical servers. Now the number of Jbosses and applications hosted on top have exceeded a size where all the installation, deployment etc. can be done manually. Funny enough, nobody thought about automated installation and distribution processes so far.

      So my question is: is any info available on how to build an automatic JBoss installation process in enterprise environments? Like integration in "default" OS packaging mechanisms like Solaris packages or RPM or similar? It's not just about copying the files, but as well things like environment specific configuration during the installation process?

      Next step would then be automatic updating of the existing JBoss installations in case of patches.

      That's for JBoss itself, not for the applications that will be deployed.

      Maybe someone can point me in the right direction...

      Thanks and kind regards,