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    Install JBoss

      Hi all.

      i am new user to Jboss . I have a question to ask all help me .

      i am just download jboss-5.1.0.GA.zip , of course i already set up the enviroment of JAVA with JDK to be 1.6.0_16 .

      How can is run Jboss ?
      How to configuration Jboss run on eclipse ?

      thank in advance for any helps.

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          to start the JBoss:
          -extract "jboss-5.1.0.GA.zip" to some directory.
          -call "bin\run.bat" or the script for your OS.

          To use JBoss in Eclipse, you need a plugin. You could either use the "Web Tools Platform" plugin 3.1.1, or the "JBoss Tools" plugin (the latter I don't know).

          Take a look at the Eclipse help to find out how to configure it for Web Tools Platform plugin. See http://help.eclipse.org/galileo/index.jsp (one the left side, browse to "Web Tools Platform user guide" => "Using the server tools".

          Hope this helps


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            Hi Wolfgang Knauf.

            thank your reply.

            For running Jboss , Is there setting configuration for JBOSS_HOME variable?

            thank regards

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              Hi .

              i also setup a JBOSS_HOME variable for JBOSS , But i get error when launching
              error like that :

              Calling C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\bin\run.conf.bat
              Could not locate "C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\bin\bin\run.jar".
              Please check that you are in the bin directory when running this script.
              Press any key to continue . . .

              thank for any help.

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                as far as I know, you don't even need a "JBOSS_HOME".

                Simply open a command prompt, "cd" to the JBoss installation directory, go to "bin" and call "run.bat".
                Your error message contains "...\bin\bin\...", which seems a bit strange.

                Best regards


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                  Wolfgang is right, you don't have to set JBOSS_HOME. Infact it's always recommended not to set it, since as you see now you might end up setting it wrong.

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                    Thank all.

                    i am intended build one web with JBoss . but i don't know which tool i can use to write my project such as eclipse, netbeans, or others tool .....

                    Could anyone give me suggestion which tool i can use to build the web configuration running with JBOSS?

                    thank in advance.

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                      You could do what I do - use a text editor to edit the files, use Ant or Maven to build the WAR/EAR and then deploy it.

                      Or you could use JBoss Tools: http://www.jboss.org/tools/.
                      The Getting Started guide at http://docs.jboss.org/tools/3.1.0.M2/ should help get you set up and started with your first app. The other guides offer helpful tutorials.

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                        One more thing. I noticed you wrote that you downloaded jboss-5.1.0.GA.zip. That download is for use with JDK 1.5, but you are using JDK 6. Go back to the downloads page and get jboss-5.1.0.GA-jdk6.zip - that one is for use with JDK 6.

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                          Thank PeterJ.

                          i am just configuration Jboss to run on eclipse and update Jboss tool for eclipse . But i can not create project with seam 1.2 from eclipse updating when new project is create . look like i miss seam runtime ?

                          How can i create web dynamic project with seam 1.2 on eclipse?


                          thank in advance.[/url]

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                            Looks like you need to click Add next to the Seam Runtime text field and let Eclipse know where Seam is located.

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                              Hi PeterJ.

                              thank your reply.

                              That is question i wanted to ask you help me.

                              Because i am install Jboss using eclipse by updating form the Jboss website . After i install Jboss that it download a lot of thing to entry plugin directory . I can specify where the Seam is located.

                              Have you ever create Seam project ?

                              To base on your work , What is the best method install Jboss?
                              using eclipse to update Jboss or install directly from Jar file ?

                              thank in advance.

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                                When you say "JBoss", what are you talking about? The JBoss Application Server, or JBoss Tools? I think you mean JBoss Tools, so that is what my answer is based on.

                                What is the best method install Jboss?

                                The best way to install JBoss Tools is by using the Install New Software selection in the Help menu in Eclipse.

                                I can specify where the Seam is located

                                Did you download Seam? Then all you need to do in Eclipse to create a Seam runtime is specify the directory into which you unzipped Seam.

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                                  Thank your reply.

                                  To base on your knowledge , what is main difference between JBoss Developer Studio 2.1 Portfolio Edition and using eclipse to update Jboss tool ?

                                  Which one is the better ?

                                  which one are you satisfied ?

                                  i am ask you that question because i embarrassed determine whether i use eclipse updating Jboss tool or JBoss Developer Studio 2.1 Portfolio Edition

                                  thank in advance.

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                                    I have not used JBoss Developer Studio (JDS) 2.1 Portfolio Edition, so I cannot say which one is better.

                                    It is my understanding that JDS is geared towards building applications with the corresponding JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP). Thus if you want to use EAP and a development environment that has tight integration with it, then use JDS. Whihc means you are stuck using that version fo EAP, and thus the version of JBoss AS on which is is based.

                                    If you want to use the latest and greatest version of JBoss AS, stick with the latest Eclipse and the latest JBoss Tools.

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