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    Customize and License

    Romain GROS Newbie


      We are actually bulding an RCP application and we would like to included teiid designer plug-ins in it.

      Concerning License, is there something to do first to be able to use it or is it an open source License ?

      Then we would like to customize it , if it is possible. We had a look at your sources and we saw that we can remove some plugin that we offers some features we don't want.
      Is there a simple way to remove some features in teiid designer ?

      Is it possible to have some technical documentation about the architecture of teiid designer ?

      In advance thank you for your answer

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          Barry LaFond Master

          Teiid Designer is open source and uses Eclipse's license. See http://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html

          Source code is available at: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/tdesigner

          The feature.xml file under the org.teiid.designer-feature plugin contains the feature set included in the download. As with any RCP, you can mix/match features, so removing Designer features is possible.

          Teiid Designer uses Eclipse's EMF-based XMI files as the persisted metamodel format. GEF is used as the framework for diagramming.

          You'll have to check-out the source and re-compile and test with your reduced feature set to insure functionality and compatibility with the rest of your RCP.

          Barry LaFond
          Teiid Designer Project Lead

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            Romain GROS Newbie


            Thanks for your previous answer.
            I know have some more questions concerning some actions we would like to perform with the teiid designer studio.

            As I explain in my previous post, we would like to integrate your plug-ins in our RCP application. This way we are able to use the fonctionality of your product in ours. But as your product offers many possibilities and features that can be complex for our users, we would like to create some basic Wizard or command that can perform severals of your actions at one time.

            For example we would like to create some basic actions for our users so it is not necessary for them to know all the complexity of teiid designer. In a way we want to some part of the job for them.

            We had a look at your code that is very complex and it can take sometimes for us to understand everything.

            Does it exist an API to create easily a VDB or a Metadata model for example ?

            I mean is there a way to do all the process to create model or VDB without usinf wizards and editors ?


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              Barry LaFond Master

              I could answer your questions better if you could add a little more info.

              What functionality/features are too complex? What aspects of the modeling do you want to streamline and expose? Only relational models?

              Can you elaborate on your use-case(s)?

              One of the Designer features is model creation via text file import. If you look at the plugin: org.teiid.designer.relational.ui you'll find the Relational Text File Import wizard. In particular, the class: com.metamatrix.modeler.internal.relational.ui.wizards.RelationalObjectProcessor, demonstrates the "createXXX()" methodology. Each model type (metamodel) utilizes an EMF-based factory. In this case it is a RelationalFactory.

              Hope this helps.

              Barry LaFond
              Teiid Designer Project Lead