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    ClusteredHTTPSessionService - JBoss 3.0.2 / Tomcat 4 - not f

    Nick Coleman Newbie


      After failing to get HTTPSession clustering working with the JBoss-3.0.1_Tomcat-4.0.4 bundle, I have recently checked out the 'JBoss_3_0_2' tagged files from the sourcesafe cvs and built the jboss/tomcat bundle with Tomcat 4.0.4.

      I have managed to completely deploy all our company's code. All operations appear to work except the HTTP session clustering with tomcat.

      The Clustering service deploys, and my war file contains the tag. I have enabled the clustering options in the tomcat4-service.xml, but I receive an error at the time my war actually deploys. Up until that point, all things appear to work normally and the 2 JBoss instances I have running locate find each other through the clustering service.

      The sticky sessions work with the apache apj13 connector to the 2 tomcat services, but the sessions are not replicating. As long as the load on the tomcat services are low and neither fail, all is well. But when the connector redirects from the first tomcat to the second, the session is lost and the user is logged out of our system.

      Here is the error that is displayed in the log at the time the war is deployed:
      17:30:17,164 INFO [EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX] deploy, ctxPath=, warUrl=file:/export/spare/Test-JBoss_Tomcat/jboss2/server/default/tmp/deploy/export/spare/Test-JBoss_Tomcat/deploy/war/LeanLogistics.war/92.LeanLogistics.war
      17:30:17,228 INFO [EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX] ClusteredHTTPSessionService not found
      17:30:17,230 ERROR [EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX] Failed to setup clustering, clustering disabled

      However this is noted previously in the log:
      17:34:33,395 INFO [ClusteredHTTPSessionService] Starting
      17:34:33,583 INFO [ClusteredHTTPSessionService] Started

      Attached is the complete log from one of the JBoss processes.

      Any help would be appreciated.