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    Second and folowing nodes take very long time to come up

    Stefan Heckler Novice

      I tried to set up clustering of an application which consists of about 50 SLSBs deployed as one Ear file. The Sessions Beans are declared as clustered and use a container configuration with a clustered invoker.

      Both nodes are running JBoss 3.2.8.SP1 on W2K.

      1st behaviour:

      Cluster behaviour depends on th start order:

      a) First node A, then node B -> 1 Cluster with 2 members
      b) First node B then node A -> 2 Single server

      2nd behaviour:

      For case a) the deployment of the Earfile with the clustered SLSBs of the second node takes about 1 hour (on the first the whole startup takes about 1 minute!), but then the server works and a connected client can lookup the SLSBs and Load Balancing works.

      An additional problem is, that a connected client already contacts server B getting an exception (EJB not bound) within that time.

      I tried to start with run -c ABC -b pc-000[1|2] as well as run -c ABC with same behaviour.

      The configuration used is based on the "all" configuration.

      Am I struggeling with network issues or misconfiguration problems?
      Any help is appreciated