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      Hi guys,

      I`m working in a cluster lab, where I have an ejb client and two ejb servers. My ejb client and servers have a firewall among them. I´ve previously asked the net administrators to enable traffic to and from ports 1100 (rmi), 1098,1099 and 444.
      I´ve configured my jndi.properties to know the list of ejb servers, like below:
      When JBoss is booting, it stops in the message below.

      09:20:52,611 WARN [NamingService] Context.PROVIDER_URL in server jndi.properties, url=jnp://,

      After some time, it logs the following error:

      Root exception is java.rmi.RemoteException: Service unavailable.

      My ejb servers´s JBoss are started and HA-JNDI is enabled by default in the all configuration.

      What could be wrong?

      I´m using the release jboss-4.0.4.CR2

      Anyone could help?

      Thanks in advance.

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          You also want port 1101 open. Port 1101 serves the same purpose for HA-JNDI that 1098 does for regular JNDI. 1099/1100 is for contacting the server to download a naming client proxy; 1098/1101 is for subsequent calls to do lookups, etc.

          If you're only using HA-JNDI, you probably don't need 1099/1098 open.

          If that doesn't solve the problem, please post the full stack trace.

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            In this case, I should disable entire JNDI and leave only HA-JNDI, so I could turn off 1098/1099 ports, am I right?

            In order to accomplish this, is enough to comment the JNDI section on jboss-service.xml?

            Thank you for your help.

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              No, absolutely not. The AS will not run without regular JNDI. I just meant you don't need to allow traffic for those ports through your firewall, as your client outside the firewall doesn't use them.