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    Can JBoss support active/passive


      I know JBoss Cluster support failover and load balance,but now I only need failover, can JBoss support active/passive?

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          For web requests, mod_jk can support that (in your mod_jk conf, comfigure disabled=true for a worker to passivate it).

          For EJB requests you'd need to implement some kind of custom LoadBalancePolicy; there's no out of the box support for it.

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            Thank for your response, but I only need one instance worked in a cluster environment, another instance must be standby.Our architecture is that a MDB cluster in environment,but only one MDB instance can service, the other must be standby.

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              hi all,
              i have the same question,

              Does JBoss Application Server support Active - StandBy Cluster Configuration ????
              Is There any doc about Active - StandBy configuration for clustering ???
              i have no problem about Active - Active cluster configuration.

              This is necessary request from my company ( i am a developer for this company) , we are trying to bye JBoss Application Support, but we are trying to define all capabilities of JBoss Application Server (JBoss Cluster is one of them).


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                wangdongfox, for the use case you describe you could deploy the MDB in the deploy-hasingleton directory. That's not a true active/passive because the bean is not deployed and passively waiting to receive messages. Instead it will be deployed and begin receiving messages if the master node fails or is shutdown. I would expect that for most MDB use cases that would be sufficient, since a messaging based app by definition doesn't assume the message receiver is always available.