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    how to replicate seesion

    Rajanikanta Newbie


      i am using Jboss4.2.2GA application server.

      i already cluster the 2 server i have .

      02:09:18,069 INFO [DefaultPartition] Dead members: 0 ([])
      02:09:18,070 INFO [DefaultPartition] New Members : 1 ([])
      02:09:18,070 INFO [DefaultPartition] All Members : 2 ([,])

      But when i deploy a simple counter war file and run node 1 it shows me the

      session ID: QIBP0zfyxnOwjswhcvaHeA**.node1
      You have hit this page 4 times

      But when i down node1 , the session is not replicating.
      it still shows me that in node1.

      can any one help, i know i need to do a simple changes some where, plz tell me where to changes in the file, thats why i able to replicate the session.