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        akeijou Newbie

        > 2) What is a grant submission app? Well this is a
        > complicated question, since we are dealing
        > internationally now. At least we have some experience
        > in Canada so that will help us. Here in the US you
        > have several forms to submit. SF-424 Series. The
        > exact forms depend on what type of grant
        > (construction or non-construction). Now there are

        in Canada, forms depend on:
        - which government, federal or provincial
        - which agency from multitude of federal and provincial agencies
        - which program within agency
        - type of project (research, development, market area)

        in general, each agency has its own forms, and is pretty much an independent entity even with respect to procedures. although some also require external forms, e.g., a smaller agency might also require some NSERC (www.nserc.ca, a big, national granting group) forms, in addition to its own forms

        > several important points here. Once a grant
        > application has been assigned an application number
        > the government has the requirement to track it.

        i am not aware of such a requirement in Canada but i think that i should be able to find out.

        > Whether money is awarded or not. So a simple timeline
        > would be...
        > Fill out Sf424, sf424-x (where x is the A or B etc)
        > Submit application
        > Pending application goes into a review bin
        > review application (government agent)
        > deny application (not qualified etc) or approve as
        > legit and assign app number.

        different agencies, and even different programs within same agency, may have different procedures and workflow. e.g., some won't need official forms, just a proposal document. some go through more than one apply-review stages.

        and regarding users, this one agency i know of has two types of applicants, the sponsor and the candidate. the sponsor is some kind of institution, e.g., university, industry, that submits applications to the agency on behalf of the candidate. the candidate submits to the sponsor and does not deal directly with the agency.

        > On the submission side that is it. Now the review
        > side I have experience in also. but Lets see if we
        > can get a submission app going and then look at the
        > review.

        review usually by chaired committees. some committee members are internal to the agency, some are external. some committee members are anonymous and only the chair knows about the identity of reviewer. sometimes the agency itself does pre-review reviewing even before application is completed and ready for the real review.

        > It is NOT a complicated application. What will make
        > it the most complicated is allowing pluggable forms
        > for different countries. So step one would be, as

        and pluggable procedures/workflow?
        that will be very useful for us.


        > Meg - Yes I think the canadian domain knowledge would
        > be great. it will definitely help out. As you pointed
        > out this is not a difficult app. Last year we put one
        > together in a month with 5 developers.

        grant submission app that is specific to one agency not difficult but now i'm thinking that a generic one that will cater to different agencies may not be as easy.

        btw, we wrote our app prototype using jsps and servlets but had to do the production version using asp and VB mostly due to infrastructure and compatibility issues.

        questions i've been asking myself ...
        - is EJB-level architecture appropriate for the grant submission app?
        - how does one introduce JBoss in a development/deployment environment that is more .NET-ready than EJB-ready?

        • 16. Re: Healthcare framework for J2EE
          tdekeizer Newbie

          While researching the possibility of developing a standard Healthcare framework in J2EE I found your post in this forum.

          I understand it is quite a while since you posted your message but I was interested to see if you had been successful in completing your proposed Healthcare project.

          As I have yet to find a commerical or OSS implementataion I have started to research the viability of implementing a framework utilising the HL7 Version 3.0 object model with extensions for customisable attributes and business rules (IBM style policies). I would love to have an opportunity to discuss with you, or any one else who uses this forum, the availability of an existing OSS healthcare framework or a willingness to be involved in developing one.

          I look forward to hearing from you.

          Tony De Keizer

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