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    Half Synch/Half Asynch implementation


      I have to do a half synch/half asynch implementation where the asynch portion can take some what long time to process. I have been wondering about using a stateful bean to do the synch half of the processing, then using MDBs to do the asynch work, followed by some type of result aggregation in the initial stateful bean.

      I am trying to see if I can dispatch asynch messages, with a temp q reply to for gathering up the results of the asynch message processing. And once all the results are in, do aggregation of these.

      Is this possible within the confines of J2EE specs, or do have to do some rule bending/twisting along the way.

      So SFSB creates a tempQ.
      Sends n JMS messages to be processed by different MDBs with tempQ as a reply to destination
      The MDBs process their respective messages, send the reply back.
      SFSB, after sending all the messages, goes into a synch loop to receive responses from tempQ.