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    Help Me Design...

    David Mollitor Newbie

      Hello and thank you for reading.

      I am currently creating an EJB3 stateless session bean for a project. The bean loads the Apache Axis2 Web services library. The bean will be used to interact with a SOAP service and return various results to a web app.

      First of all, does that makes sense for a design?

      The problem I am seeing now is that the axis2 library takes a second to load for each instantiation. I create each axis2 client in the @PostConstruct of my bean. Each time a client request comes in, it has to load a new bean and it's pretty slow in creating the client. I'd like to be able to pre-load the beans in a pool and to draw from that. Is there some way to set a minimum bean size pool?

      Any ideas as to how I can improve this process?