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    riftsaw repo



      I am not sure when will we merge current riftsaw repo into jboss org repo? or we will host it as a separate repo?

      as I checked out the riftsaw repo, it took me a long time, was wondering if we can merge it into the jboss org repo. I knew that we might publish some other unmavenized jars, like jbossesb-rosetta, but I think we can give it a different groupname, like org.jboss.riftsaw.dependency.org.jboss.jbossesb-rosetta. (just an example)


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          When you say repo, are you referring to the maven repository?

          If so, then it would be better if the jars could be hosted in a jboss.org repo.

          Do you fancy organising that?


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            Yes, I meant riftsaw maven repository. sorry for not describing it clear firstly.

            I can do this, but before I am doing so, just think I shouldn't miss the reasons that we host a separate maven repository here. In other words, I need to make sure that moving our current riftsaw maven repo into our jboss maven repository should not have other issues.


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              I don't think there was a particular reason - so as long as all developers on the project (including potentially external committers) have the appropriate rights to do such a build, then it should be fine.

              Or is publishing to the jboss.org maven repo going to have restricted rights?

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                No, it doesn't have any restricted rights.

                One thing is different from our own riftsaw maven repo is that we are having two different maven repository for the released jar and the snapshot.

                In this case, I will work on this task then. ;-), will post my proposal in the following post once I finished it.

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                  In the process of moving riftsaw maven repo into jboss org maven repository. I've found an issue as following.

                  Firstly, for our own riftsaw artifacts, we don't have any problems in publishing it into jboss org maven repository. The problems are from the Apache ODE artifacts, which are using buildr, with our jboss org maven repository infrastructure, which I will describe it shortly.

                  For the tagged release, like 2.0-M1, 1.3.3 released artifact, I think it should be no problems for us to deploy it into the repository.jboss.org, as this repository is svn based, we can use the 'buildr -v 1.3.3 -f Buildfile-Riftsaw Test=no upload' command to upload these artifacts into the specified location (in this case, it is the location that you checked out from jboss org repo), and then use 'svn commit' to do the deploy. Here is the detailed document (http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/MavenReleaseRepository) on how to do so.

                  The problem comes from the SNAPSHOT deployment, as in the jboss maven repo, it has a separate site for the snapshot, it is at snapshots.jboss.org. From the wiki page on operating this maven repo. (http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/MavenSnapshotRepository), it seems that we can only use 'mvn deploy-file ...' command to deploy artifacts into the snapshots maven repository, which is very tedious, as we've had a bunch of artifacts. (Best case, it is that we write a batch script to help us do so, haven't done it before)

                  Not sure if we had this problem earlier on? what other solutions that we can do in regard to this issue.


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                    Its strange that the two repositories work differently - have you tried using the first approach with the snapshot repository, to see if it works anyway?

                    If not, unless Kurt has a suggestion (as he set up the local maven repo that we have been using), it may be best to use the batch script approach.

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                      No, because the snapshot repository is not svn based, so I can't check out the repository and then did it as what I did for the tagged release.

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                        FYI, Have deployed the riftsaw 1.3.3 maven artifacts into jboss org maven repository at: http://repository.jboss.org/maven2/org/jboss/soa/bpel.

                        Have asked the question on the wiki page for snapshot repository to see if they have other recommendations for us to do the snapshot build.

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                          removed those artifacts from the repo as those artifacts are obsolete.

                          Also for the snapshot repository issue I described earlier, I think the best way to do this is to update the Buildfile-riftsaw script to extend the 'upload' task.

                          Was trying to not to touch the rake file before, but think use the rake file would be the best way to do this at the moment, I will try it out this way.


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                            update on this task.

                            I've committed the ant based script into the ODE-1.x-fixes svn code base. Was trying to use Ruby HTTP library to publish artifacts into our snapshot maven repo, which is based on webdav. But found it has a problem, not sure whether is the our webdav setup issue or not.

                            Talked with Paul Gier, who is working on the build system, he suggested that I can use the maven ant task to do the publish.

                            so, go to the ODE-1.x-fixes/scripts, update the build.properties, needs your username and password.

                            the steps are:

                            1. ./publish.sh to publish the artifacts into your local repo.
                            2. update the scripts/build.properties with your local repo.
                            3. go to scripts, run ant deploy.

                            Currently, it seems the maven snapshots has insufficient storage at the moment, I've already filed a ticket number to the helpdesk.


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                              please noted that I've already uploaded aritfacts into the SNAPSHOT repo, it is at: http://snapshots.jboss.org/maven2/org/jboss/soa/bpel/