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    next release riftsaw

    dfsdf asdas Newbie

      I'm working in research group at the university Computer Science engineering (Federico II Naples).
      My work is centered on the management of BPEL flows at runtime. In particular i should be able to change a single activity of a workflow already deployed on the server, therefore i am very interested in future developments of the project. I have seen in the milestones section of the Riftsaw site that the next release will also include a console for process management.
      What are the release dates of the next milestones (M2 and M3)?

      Thanks in advance

      Marco Indaco
      University Federico II - Naples Italy

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          Gary Brown Master

          Hi Marco

          We believe that M2 should be available at the end of this month. However you could checkout the trunk and build it yourself to take an early look at the functionality :)

          No date has yet been set for M3.

          BTW Just for future reference, the developer forum is for contributors on the project to discuss development issues. This type of question should be put onto the user forum.