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    Ant script for installing db's datasource, driver etc

    Jeff Yu Master

      hi all,

      I just committed an ANT script for installing db's datasource driver etc.

      so, in the riftsaw-2.0 distribution, go to install/deployment.properties
      update the database property as following:


      and then run: ant deploy

      it will deploy the mysql as backend db storage. If you want to update the jdbc properties, like connection url, username& password etc, just go to the db/jdbc folder, and then update the corresponding properties file, like if you intend to use mysql, then update the mysql.properties file. Afterwards, run the ant deploy.

      one thing I want to have a discussion is: currently, I've put all of these datasource, jdbc files in the $distribution/src/release/db folder. but I still put the bpel-sql in the runtime/engine-assembly module. Also I left the jboss-beans.xml and bpel.properties over there, since I thought it might be easy for us to do the development test. otherwise, if I put it into the distribution module, you need to build the distribution for your test. But the disadvantage of this approach is that we have duplicated files, like jboss-beans.xml and bpel.properties into different module.

      What do you think?