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    modalPanel with overflow?

    Dennis Ryan Newbie

      Can someone help, i have a modalPanel but the content is dynamic and I want a vertical scroll bar to appear when the content is clipped, has anyone done this or know how to make it appear?

      I tried a few places putting "overflow:auto;" but I was not able to get it to work...


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          The key is to limit the height and width of both the modalPanel AND a div inside of it.

           top="50" minheight="150" minwidth="700" height="150"
           width="700" resizeable="false">
           style="height: 50px; width: 650px; overflow: auto; ">
           overflow content goes here
           <div style="margin-top: 5px;">
           Put some links or buttons down at the bottom. This should probably be outside of the scrollable area so that your users don't hurt you.</div>

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            Rawan Barakat Newbie

            I am trying to use modalPanel but when i click on the showLink i get this javascript error RichFaces is not defined!!! how did u add the java script function file?