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    deployment slow on 3.2.3 - how to disable mbean xml.validate

    def Newbie

      How do I set the property mbean.metadata.xml.validate=false?

      I'm upgrading from JBoss 3.2.1 + Tomcat 4.1.24 to 3.2.3+4.1.29
      and I notice that deployment of my war containing 300+ pre-compiled
      JSPs is taking an additional 2 minutes. I have tracked this down to
      many invocations of JBossXMbean10.build(), in which the MBean DTD
      is read to create the mbean object for the JSP/Servlet. Over 90% of
      the time is spent in 10,000s of scans over the comment characters in jboss_xmbean_1_0.dtd.

      It looks like I could speed this up by disabling XML validation using
      the property mbean.metadata.xml.validate.

      Can anyone tell me how to set that to FALSE in some config file?

      It would be great if JBossXMbean10 parsed the DTD once and
      cloned the DOM after that, rather than parsing many times.

      Also, the Xerces that is used by 3.2.3+4.1.29 does not seem to
      match with any Xerces code I have been able to download, either
      1.4.4 or 2.6.2. What's the right way to look at Xerces code used in
      JBoss? For instance, there is no inner class org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLEntityManager$EntityScanner
      in the code I'm downloading, but it is used in the JBoss jars.

      Thanks in advance.

      Dave Foulser
      Paytronix Systems
      Cambridge, MA

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          Scott Stark Master

          For the XMBean represented by the xml descriptor there is no path for specifying the mbean.metadata.xml.validate property.

          I'll look into the perf issue some more, but the xerces parser shipped with 3.2.3 is the one bundled with an old xalan xalan-j_2_4_D1 release and definitely has performance problems. You can try a more recent version of xerces as well as simply commenting out or removing the jbossweb-tomcat41.sar/META-INF/servletinfo-xmbean.xml DOCTYPE.