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    Customizing SOAP response



      I installed a java service and I noticed that the soap response for a given query as produced by AxisServlet is upto 3 times more verbose than php soap response. My service just returns all the users in a table and AxisServlet returned 50 K of reponse while php was just 18K.

      Thus I overloaded the "AxisServiceServlet" in JBoss to return a php soap response. I changed install-axis.xml in JBoss-net.sar to use my servlet. I also added my class to jboss-net.sar.

      It worked in JBoss 3.0.2 but in 3.0.3 it gives me an error saying that I am trying to redeploy the jboss.net:service=Axis mbean. My services work if I use AxisServiceServlet only, i.e. do not change jboss-net.sar at all.

      Any ideas??