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    how to write a weblogic webservice client that run in jboss

    zhebbincopng Newbie

      i am a beginner to jboss,i write a simple class and publish it as webservice in weblogic7,i can write weblogic client to access the service,now i want to write a client servlet that run on jboss to visit the service.
      from the "WebLogic Webservice standard testing home page",i get following code block:

      import {package}.Demo1;

      String wsdlUrl = "http://localhost:7001/web-services/webservicedemo?WSDL";
      Demo1 service = new Demo1_Impl( wsdlUrl );
      Demo1Port port = service.getDemo1Port();

      result = port.testInOut( ... );

      i can use it in my client code to access the webservice,it works well in weblogic,but now in jboss,it don't work,how can i do?should i add the weblogic lib to jboss's class path?or if does the jboss have the special method of its onwn to access webservice?

      who can help me,the code snippet is appreciated!

      thank you!

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          zhebbincopng Newbie


          i use jbuilder8+weblogic7 as the developer environment.
          first,i write a simple bean and publish it as weblservice,at this time,the jbuilder generate the client side jar file.i write a weblogic side client to test it,it works well.
          second,i write a simple servlet that run in jboss to access the webservice that run in weblogic,i have add the client side jar file that is generated by the jbuilder to the jboss classpath,but the servlet can't run,because the client side jar file need the weblogic lib support.
          i wonder if i must add the weblogic lib to jboss classpath?i don't think it is a reasonable solution,i think that the jboss must have the special lib to enable the webservice access,but i don't know how?