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    AXIS.Net how to set up? for Jboss

    susan crystal Newbie

      I posted this to another JbossWS and trying to figure out how to get this working.

      ok i looked at that page and the instruction http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBoss.NET

      and they are not clear

      HOWTO switch between JBossWS/JBoss.NET

      Before you can use JBoss.NET you need to remove JBossWS and install JBoss.NET manually. Here is what you need to do from the jboss.net module dir

      <!-- delete jboss-ws4ee implementation -->

      <!-- install jboss-net implementation -->

      If you work from the source, there are 'deploy' targets in the jboss.net/webservice module respectively.

      The binaries for JBoss.Net are distributed under ${jboss.home}/docs/examples/jboss.net

      Problems: *********************************************

      1. first were is this directory i am suppose "to do from".. I assume its the jboss-net directory in the jboss_home/docs/examples/jboss.net ?

      2. is that a build file i am to make and use ant to execute?

      3. when looking for the jboss-net.sar there is no jboss-net.sar however there is a jboss-net.sar.tmp file inside the jboss-net directory?

      4. when making it into a build file. It does not work.

      5. when just doing it myself and (copying the jboss-net.sar.tmp to the deploy directory and changing extension to .sar it still not work.

      I am using Jboss4.0.0RC2

      I assusmed it is a builld file suppose to make. Because i would assume if it was clear instructions it would start out .
      number 1. do this
      number 2. do this
      number 3. do this .....ect...

      The instruction need to be clearer