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    resource adapter deployment

    array Newbie

      hi people,

      I try to deploy SUN's JDBC connector under JBoss. What I don't understand is where I can register the adapter in jboss under a jndi name to get then the connection factory instance. Could you help me?

      thanks in advance!

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Is there any reason you want to use the Sun JDBC connector rather than the JBoss datasources?

          You'll find JBoss datasource configuration examples in docs/examples/jca in the JBoss distribution. Copy the template of your choice to the deploy directory, modify the parameters in the file and place a copy of the relevant JDBC driver into the server/instance/lib directory. For example, if you are running the default instance of JBoss, the JDBC driver goes into server/default/lib of your JBoss distribution.

          This will invariably be simpler and less frustrating than the raw form in this early release of the Sun JDBC connector. However, if you want to persist, I suggest you look at the JBoss manuals on RAR deployments.

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            David Jencks Master

            I agree with jonlees comments. However if you want to try the sun connector I'd suggest looking at perhaps the firebird example since it is a standalone jca adapter. The 3.2 *-ds.xml examples for regular drivers use a syntax specific to the jboss jca-jdbc wrappers.