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    When bundling rar in an ear, where to put the -ds.xml file?

    Alwyn Schoeman Newbie


      I am getting strange behaviour on 3.2.3.

      I bundle a rar into an ear file. The rar is specified as a connector in the application.xml of the ear. The META-INF of the rar contains only the ra.xml file.

      I then deploy both the adapter-ds.xml and the ear file into the deploy directory of JBoss. Yes, the display-name and adaptername is the same.

      Prefix ordered deployment is turned on and the ear is set to deploy after everything else.

      On a fast dual cpu machine I get the behaviour that by the time the ear deploys, it complains that the adapter has already been registered and throws an exception.

      On my slower notebook, I do not get this behaviour with precisely the same setup.

      Is this related to the fact that my xxx-ds.xml file is in the deploy directory and not in the META-INF of the rar?