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    meijerpeter Newbie


      I was wondering if it is possible to open a serversocket on a port (e.g. 1111) and accepting connections in the application server (JBoss).

      I know it is not wise to open a serversocket in a thread on a application server, but how is possible using for instance JBoss.

      The context of the question is this: I have multiple Java clients on different machines, which I would like to send messages. Since it is security wise not a good idea to open a serversocket on a client (desktop), I thought that I could open a client socket to a server, set the timeout to '0' and put all incoming connections in an (keyed) pool. This way, when a message has to be sent to the client, the server can locate the connection and sends his message.
      Of course, I can write a standalone application for this which opens a server socket, but I want to use the application server (JBoss) for this.

      I hope you can help me.

      Thanks in advance,

      P. Meijer