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      I used inbound mail RA for receiving java-mail. since my mail server used SSL for POP/IMAP i enabled TLS to it. but unfortunately java certification error

      Certificate contains unsupported critical extensions: []
      had no luck for go forward.
      Then i introduced dummy SSLSocketFactory/TrustManager for just ignore the untrusted certification error.

      I bundled my new dummy implementations with mail-ra.rar

      and those classes not found in runtime raise class not found exception.
      pls let me know any workaround for this issues.

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          Chatura kalansooriya Newbie

          sorry wrong subject in previous (pop3/imap ssl).

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            Chatura kalansooriya Newbie

            hi ,

            I figure out the root cause. The dummy class which I specify through security properties couldn't load in expected context class loader since javax.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactory load in different class loader.
            Alternatively we can specify custom socket factory through java mail properties

            pop3Props.setProperty("mail.pop3s.ssl.socketFactory.class", emailMessageListener.DummySSLSocketFactory);

            which load as same as class loader java Mail.jar load.
            Pls any one can change the the topic subject. That's my bad.